Dong Duong Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd (also known as: Indochinemed) was founded in 2014 with its headquarter located in Ho Chi Minh city. Specialized in healthcare market, Indochinemed distributes solutions for medical equipment to hospitals, especially in Medical Imaging, Anesthesia and ICU, NICU.

Indochinemed provides customers with medical solutions with safety, quality and experience of care. To do this, we are fully aware that to become the authorized distributor of top class medical equipment manufacturers is the best way to complete our mission. As a result, Indochinemed is now the business partner of leading brand name such as Siemens, Draeger, BTL, … that are available to bring the most optimized medical equipment solutions to our customers.

As a dynamic company, our human resource is a combination between experienced experts in Viet Nam medical field and dynamic creative generation. With such strong resource, we fully believe that we are able to meet the requirements of customers for high quality products.

In the fierce competion of Vietnam healthcare market, with thousands of companies, the core values that makes Indochinemed become different is the ability to bring the best user experience to our customers. This could be accomplished through the support of professional expertises which help customers to utilize their products. Additionally, Indochinemed service engineers would help you to solve problem as soon as possible.

With our aspirations and efforts, Indochinemed is striving to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam healthcare market, to build the chain of quality products and services that contribute to improve Vietnam healthcare.